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Egg donor program

Updated 07.09.2022

Egg donor program

There are situations where the donor egg is the only hope for a woman to become a mother because she has no eggs or poor quality for some reason. Of all non-coronary insemination procedures, about 5% of cases require the use of donor eggs. In Latvia, the number of barren couples is probably much higher than the number of women who choose to become egg donors.

Who can become a donor?

Any woman who feels the desire to help fulfill the dream of a family of another about a baby can be the donor of the egg. In the view of the doctor, the donor must be physically, mentally and reproductively healthy between the ages of 18 and 35, without harmful habits and preferably with at least one child.

A woman who has decided to become an egg donor must contact and request a visit to a doctor. During the conversation, the doctor will familiarize himself with the steps of the procedure, will conduct and answer unclear questions. Then, the necessary examinations will follow and the female data will be included in the donor register – physical parameters, health history, family history, personality traits and honey information if the donor wishes to disclose it.

Different health examinations are carried out before donation of eggs:

  • analysis for infections (syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia);
  • genetic analysis;
  • microbiological and oncocytological swabs;
  • ultrasonographic examinations, etc.

The time from examinations to the procedure for donating eggs is different – from a few weeks to several months, even a year. It depends on the fact that a couple of future parents who need artificial insemination will be selected directly by the particular donors.

“EMBRIONS” specialists are very responsible for assessing the health status of the potential donor so that after this high step the donor would not have any health problems and in the future the donor himself could become a mother. That’s why there are situations where according to the external parameters and test results a woman meets all the criteria for becoming an egg donor, but a health nuance can indicate potential complications. In such cases, we do not include a woman in an egg donor program.

If a woman reiterates her desire to become a donor, EMBRIONS specialists recommend that they do this no more than 2-3 times a year, because the ovaries after the stimulation should return to the usual rhythm.


Donating eggs in Latvia is completely anonymous, and neither the donor nor the patient using donor material can receive personal information about the other involved person. Nothing generates more sense of satisfaction than help given to the unselfish and purposeful purpose! Together we will be able to help infertile families!

Additional information about egg donor program:

If you want to become an egg donor, please contact us via phone using this number: 67543350 or email: and apply to the conversation in person.

Egg donor program