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Updated 26.08.2022

At least 11-13% of couples now face infertility problems. The causes of infertility are diverse, but in the early diagnosis and treatment, most couples manage to get to their babies. However, there are situations where, even with the most modern infertility treatment technologies, it is not possible to fertilize the female egg itself, because it simply is not longer functioning … or male sperm can not fertilize eggs for some reason or they should not be used for medical indications. Perhaps you can be the person who gives a woman or family a chance to become a parent!

Read more about the possibility of becoming an egg donor HERE.

Read more about the possibility of becoming a sperm donor HERE.

“The donation of eggs is proof of the highest generosity and human empathy”

If you would like to become involved in a donor program, please contact the RMC “Embrions” at 67543350 or email: and apply for a visit.