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Updated 26.08.2022


The reproductive medicine centre “EMBRIONS” was opened in 1997. Since then the clinic actively performs IVF procedures. In 2000 the clinic specialists began using a new infertility treatment micromanipulation method – intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), therefore remarkably increasing the number of successfully performed procedures.

We are proud that in 2005 more than a half of all IVF/ICSI procedures in Latvia took place in our centre, and the number continues to grow year by year.

“EMBRIONS” is the only IVF clinic in Latvia where the team of doctors and nurses has at least twenty-five years of experience in medicine and almost twenty years of experience in the treatment of infertility.

Today we are pleased about our embryologist’s high achievements thanks to many procedures and experience gained through the years. The head of the clinic “EMBRIONS”, Latvia’s most experienced infertility treatment specialist Dr. Treijs, has acquired not only Latvian but also foreign patients trust and praise. One of “EMBRIONS” success cornerstones is our approach – we consider individuality of every patient. We carefully evaluate each unique event and offer personalized fertility treatment.

We offer an affordable price policy.

“EMBRIONS” cooperates with professionals from “Uro” LLC who investigate and advise our patients in male infertility issues, as well as perform the necessary micromanipulations in serious male infertility cases.

Only combining the three values – knowledge, experience and the latest technology – it is possible to turn our patients’ hopes and dreams into reality. We are proud to say that the number of dreams fulfilled is growing.

Every year the number of pregnancies through infertility treatment procedures increases. “EMBRIONS” results are available here.