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Sperm donor program

Updated 14.07.2022

Any man that feels the desire to help fulfill a family dream about a baby can become a sperm donor. You must be physically, mentally and reproductively healthy and within the age range of 18 to 41, without any harmful habits.

A man who has decided to become a donor must contact and request a visit to a doctor. During the conversation, the doctor presents the procedure and gives answers to questions. The necessary examinations will follow and donors’ data will be included in the donor register – physical parameters, health history, family history, personality traits and such.

Before donating a sperm, various health checks are performed:

  • analysis for infections (syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, trichomonas);
  • genetic analysis.

How is sperm donated?

There is a special room in the clinic, where a man, alone or with the help of a partner, manages to get a semen and add it to a special container. Then it is handed over to the staff who processes the resulting material and deposits it with the semen in the bank.


The donation of semen in Latvia is completely anonymous, and neither the donor nor the patient using the donor’s material can receive personal information about the other involved person.

Nothing generates more sense of satisfaction than help given to the unselfish and purposeful purpose! Together we will be able to help infertile families!

If you want to become an egg donor, please contact us via phone using this number: 67543350 or email: and apply to the conversation in person.