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Updated 14.07.2022

We are all created to love. We love our homes, so we care about them and decorate them in a beautiful manner. We love our gardens, so we plant colourful flowers and we weed. We love our friends, so we are together both in joy and sorrow. We love our children because they are proof that once two loving hearts met and this love created a new, unique personality.

Unfortunately, more and more often doctors hear a desperate sentence: “Doctor, we cannot become pregnant. What can we do?” This statistics are harsh – all over the world and in Latvia infertility affects 13-15% of couples. And every year the number is growing. Therefore, it is truly a great pleasure to help these families!

The “EMBRIONS” team of specialists will help you clarify the reasons for infertility and recommend a personalized treatment strategy. If necessary, we perform the latest procedures to help you become parents!

  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

  • Sperm freezing

  • Embryo freezing

  • Embryo implantation