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Happiness of helping to have a child

Updated 28.09.2023

29-year-old mother of three has already donated her eggs five times to help women have a baby.

“I wanted to help families that are less fortunate. I had a chance to help to have more wanted and expected babies. Not everyone wants to take a baby from an orphanage, a woman wants to carry the child and give birth herself,” says the young woman, whose identity by law cannot be disclosed, therefore we will call her Ieva.

Also among her acquaintances are people who were not destined to have a baby in a natural way, and it was another persuasion for egg donation. After all, her own children were proof that her eggs are strong and the children healthy. In addition, during a woman’s life more eggs mature than necessary.

The idea to become a donor occurred within a day and was immediately followed by action – the same day the young woman contacted the clinic “Embrions” and set an appointment and examinations with Dr. Eva Barkāne.

“At first I was a little scared. As always, when you do not know anything and someone has just told you about it or you have read something,” says Ieva. However, the doctors were so sincere, that doubt was no question!

“Egg extraction takes place under anaesthesia, and it is so nice to wake up with a warm tea and sweets! The attitude was so nice from the very beginning – “Embrions” doctors patiently explained how everything is going to happen, showed pictures of the process and very honestly told about the egg stimulation and that sometimes unexpected body reactions can happen that are not dangerous, but can be annoying. But I had nothing like that!”

Doctors warned that everything does not happen at once – I should wait until a couple will choose me, because the egg stimulation and the following puncture occurs only when the choice has been made. And it happened quickly – in about a month. Upon receiving the call, Ieva dressed up for the responsible mission. Even more so because the egg receiver selected her directly from among several donors.

Ieva underlines: “I very much wanted to help!” The only unusual sensations were egg growth. “Yes, I felt it! Perhaps other women do not feel it, but I had no doubt – they plumped!” recalls Ieva. In addition, later she clearly also felt her third pregnancy and the doctors confirmed it in sonography.

“When after the donation a considerable time had passed, sometimes I thought, that probably the baby is already growing in the belly. Later that it might already be born… Sometimes I imagine that maybe a girl was born… However, I never think of them as my children. I program myself that those children have their parents, but I have my own children! With this setting, I became a donor, and I have never regretted my choice. Frequently I think whether everything is in order, while the cells still grow and develop, but the thoughts are always positive. I even think that there was a couple that chose me several times so that their children would be alike.”

During the first donation, my children were 3-4 years old. And I still had only two. Soon after the donation, my third kid was on his way. Not exactly planned nor unplanned, but a big surprise and gratitude for the good intentions. “Now he is such a nice boy that I couldn’t be happier!” she says with a genuine pride. “And I have never regretted that I helped other families to have a baby!”