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Updated 10.07.2022

The luteal phase is the average two-week period between the embryo transfer, pregnancy test and the HCG test in the blood. After the transfer, your doctor will recommend following an even tenor of life the first 24-48 hours. In the upcoming days, activities may be gradually increased. Most women then return to their normal work rhythm.


After the procedure, you will be recommended to use progesterone vaginally. At times, you may feel vaginal discomfort and increased thick secretions. You should not worry about it. If you have any questions, contact your doctor.


Sometimes before the pregnancy test reddish staining or even minor bleeding can occur. These symptoms do not necessarily mean that the therapy is unsuccessful. Medication should be continued, as it is recommended by the doctor until the results of the HCG.


An HCG blood test is carried out 10-14 days after the transfer.


If pregnancy occurs, progesterone should be used until the doctor’s further recommendations.


If pregnancy has not occurred, you should stop using progesterone and wait for the bleeding.