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In our clinic, the ER-COMPLETE test of the US-based company "Coopers Surgical" is available, which is especially useful for women with repeated failed implantation(s).

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PGT-A Test

PGT-A Test (pre-implantation genetic aneuploidy testing) is performed on a 5-day-old embryo by NGS method (next generation sequencing).

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Better therapy and treatment option

Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in gynecology clinics. Thanks to the miniaturization of the hysteroscopes, many procedures can now be performed with a minimum of trauma and without general anesthesia away from the operating room.

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Happiness of helping to have a child

“I wanted to help families that are less fortunate. I had a chance to help to have more wanted and expected babies. Not everyone wants to take a baby from an orphanage, a woman wants to carry the child and give birth herself”

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