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Dr. Eva Barkāne

Infertility specialist

Updated 05.04.2024

Dr. Eva Barkāne

In 2013 attained a PGA degree in assisted reproductive technologies (England, University of Warwick). In 1991 graduated from the Medical Academy of Latvia.

She has gained her knowledge of reproductive endocrinology and infertility treatment at Weil Cornell University, New York, San Francisco (USA), London’s Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (England), The Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductology named after D.O. Ott in St. Petersburg (Russia), and in Rome (Italy). Regularly elevates her qualification at specialized trainings and conferences.

Advises all types of infertility issues. Specializes in gynaecological endocrinology issues – all kinds of hormonal dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, PCOS, hirsutism, and androgenic alopecia. Specializes also in hormonal and immunological treatment of infertility, recurrent pregnancy terminations and retention, offers prevention and treatment of gynaecological diseases, prenatal monitoring, and gynaecological US (ultrasonography). Member of the International Society of Gynaecological Endocrinology (ISGI), American Association of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and since 2008 also the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), and is a member of the European Menopause and Andropause Association (EMAS).

Regularly expands her knowledge and develops skills at international conferences, seminars, practical trainings, as well as obtains information from recent literature, research and distance learning courses.

Dr. Eva Barkāne